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How to do great research before investing (looking at the team)

Looking at the team of BitGuild will give us an idea of whether or not they are worth gambling on becoming a success, I will this time teach you how to do research on the individual person involved in a project. So you can learn how to do your due diligent research on investment projects.
Remember you are responsible for your investments

Secure your identity online
Security Tech

How do i protect my identity online???

Your identity is crucial to keep safe, that is why I will give you some advice on how to keep it safe, whether you are just surfing online or security fanatic. there are many different steps to take, and some service providers that will help to keep your identity safe from unwanted identity.

We will look at the service providers that scans the net for your information to help prevent misuse of your identity, how you can hide on the net and the onion that might protect you.

Video saturday

Video saturday

Welcome to our new initiative video Saturday something to spice up your weekend, we Outlook ingen around for videos Letter to get educated and entertained at the same time will not be taking on long boring videos, and feel Free to let us know if you got any videos with you take a closer look at that maybe put up on videos saturday. Old videos with relate to bitcoin blockchain or economy in some way or another