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The dangers of blockchain

Blockchain technology might change the how we interact with many different industries. But it is not all good there might be some drawbacks by allowing our data to be included on a blockchain and I will go over some of the problems I see.

Ever evolving

To set the stage for what dangers lies in blockchain technolegy we have to imagin what blockchain can be used for. this will be based on existing projects and what is alreddy implementet.

Firt of all IBM/Maersk are working on a blockchain for shipping this will show who has gotten what product at what time. This system can in time be adapted to covere postal services and why this is important i will return to later in the article. Moving on as per Delloits report on blockchain applications in the public sector we will se a growth in the use of publick adaptations of the technology, this might include such tings as criminalrecords, birthsertificates, tax payment records and all records the public sector is keeping on us. and lastly whether it is private or public healthcare systems the will will adapt more and more to a blockchain based healthcare system such like Amcart is workin on.

Unwanted access

Goverments all over the world has seen problems with keeping data secure, and blockchain technology offers a way to make et easy with build in encryption and the premmis of hiding data i plain sight. but as technology develops so does the possebility of cracking the encryption, so to make sure nobody has acces to see what you pay in taxes. The goverments using blockchain technology needs to secure their encryption is stat of the art. I see this as likely in the future but not somthing we should worry more abiute than what we do with current govermental systems.

Medical emergency

As we se more and more medical data getting on blockchain and thereby a bigger controle over ones own medical data we see a new problem if you have not granted your local emergency room access to your medical records they may not be able to see what known conditions you may suffer from. The problem here is that if you have an allergy or suffer from a illness you might not get the right treatment that is needed to save your life. This problem can be some how circumvented by allowing emergency services and emergency rooms a limited access

Staying in healthcare

I have worked in healthcare for quit a while and see that blockchain technology is the future since it offers the possibility of greater controle over the patients own medical records. But this also offers some dangers because part of providing good healthcare is to know your patient that is why in the medical records you will find such registrations as relegion, sexuality, dietary wishes and much more.

Today systems are securede centrally and could certainly benefit from blockchain technology but servicing it on a blockchain require that we take the debate on what should be stored locally and what should be stored on the blockchain. And why I am big on this is that some informations you would like to build up trust before revealing. And if we talk security we would will have to talk unwanted access because the unwanted access might be from radical groups that want to harm every one with a specific religious belive and we want to secure against that because if blockchain is adapted to medical records use it will be used fore generations to come. So I might not harm you but what is registered on you might harm your grandchildren. And that is the debate we need to have before adapting it to use in every industri.

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