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If you are new to having a significant investment portfolio in cryptocurrencies, you might think that you are making a good income just by investing in one market. But what happens when the market crashes as it sometimes can do. Think about that for a minute and then read on.


An average person can only stay entirely focused on one market at the time so no matter what market you are in it is essential that other investments run more or less on autopilot. To elaborate on what I mean by setting it on autopilot then it is when your investment requires little to no engagement from you besides initial investment. There are many ways to set up an excellent passive income by investing in the right option I will start with the choices I use myself.


Investment in places people can live is always a good option as long as you maintain your investment because people still need places to live. What I have done is through my lawyer I have invested in some student apartments I Copenhagen and the law firm I am a client with having a department that takes care of everything for a cut of the profit so currently I have a yearly profit of 5% of initial investment. Which means that in 20 years I will have my money back. And can still sell the buildings. Because a company is taking care of everything I only have to check in with them once a month for a status update. Before you make this kind of investment make sure you get legal advice from a certified legal adviser such as a lawyer.


My reason for investing in bonds is that they give an interest every year there are several kind of bonds. In short, a bond is you borrowing money from a company or state. As an investor, it gives you a fixed interest in the entire running time. I have invested in government-backed bonds from different countries. There are several reasons for that one thing is that my money is secured in the bonds another one is that I know what I get in return every year. I have used my bank to advise me since they have an independent investment division. They know what I want to invest not what I have and they take some fees for making the transactions. And my advice for you is that you make sure to use an independent advisor that only knows what you want to invest.

If you want a longe explanation of what bonds are Investopedia has one you can read here.


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I currently have no positions in funds but am looking into it. So I have included it here since your bank probably is having a fund you can invest in, And that can be an excellent place to start if you don’t have that many money. There are different types of funds, but they can be decoded into actively managed funds and index funds. I am considering an investment into an index fund that has several pots to chose from this is because they have a history of giving a more significant return to investors than actively managed funds. The funds I am looking at is making it possible to chose pots from different stock exchanges to chose from and the markets I want them to invest in is

  • Nasdaq
  • Down Jones
  • C20 (Danish stocks)
  • Dax 30 (German stocks)
  • OMSX30 (Swedish stocks)

And I am looking at other markets, but these are somewhat stable markets for index funds to invest in that’s why I look at these markets. And if you want to know more about funds, you can read Wikipedia’s side on funds right here.

In conclusion

To conclude I know there are more investment options out there, but these are the passive ones that give you the most time to invest your times in making money on the market you know. I will follow this up with some more inspirational investment articles later on.

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The Golden boy
I have a long background in cryptocurrencies, I first heard of Bitcoin back in 2011, did take much notice of it back then, but as time went on, I have got more and more into the idea of a decentralised economy. And have slowly accumulated cryptocurrencies since around 2013, since I didn’t have a lot of money at the time I started slowly. I thought of it more as a statement than an investment. It is first in 2016 I began to see how significant a potential there were in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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