A story from my real life on how we decided on a payment solution for a pizzeria, but the solution can be used in other businesses as well
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Freelance job in cryptocurrencies

As some of you might know, I do some consultant work, and now it is time to give you some of my experiences. It is of cause cleared with the customer. I will this time wright about a customer that wanted to set up a payment system in a physical store.

The job

I was approached by a pizzeria owner wanting to accept cryptocurrencies. He had looked at setting up a coinbase wallet so he could exchange his cryptocurrencies directly. But he had the challenge that he did not want his employed workers to have access to the wallet. So he needed a simple solution where his employee did not need to do anything other than push pay with cryptocurrencies

First solution

The first solution I was looking at was to hold on to the idea of a coinbase wallet and then just set up a QR code sticker on the counter. To make sure payment goes through we would use an app to monitor the reviving address.

The reason this did not work was that it was to difficult for the cashier to administer. There were too many steps for a simple solution.

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Second solution

This solution is based on bitpay. This solution could integrate into their existing web ordering solution. But it was too limited in coins to accept. Because the owner wanted a solution that was able to receive many coins. To move on I was forced to look at more complex setups that were easy for the cashier to administer.

The final solution

We reach a solution opening up the possibility of paying with cryptocurrencies online and at the cash register. So this solution made it easy for the customer to pay with cryptocurrencies thanks to the payment solution from coinpayment. On the website we used a plugin to WP eCommerce, so now an order can be made on a tablet set up at the counter or by ordering directly to the cashier. Once the cashier has entered the order into the cash register, they get the amount due. Then if their customer wants to pay with crypto the push in the amount to a web-based POS system and get the payment amount in whatever cryptocurrency is chosen and a QRcode ready to get scanned.

The clear benefit for the owner is that he can accept multiple cryptocurrencies and only get paid in one currency thanks to auto exchange then it will be sent in this case to a coinbase account so he can choose when to exchange it and get it wired directly to the bank account of his choosing.

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