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Crypto VS Fiat

People know how FIAT currencies function in practice and have a hard time getting their head around how to use cryptocurrencies. But few people understand how FIAT currencies gain and maintain it’s value.


I have decided to show my friends and family a video on the workings of FIAT currencies to see their reaction. I chose to show them the following video which is a visual representation of how the monetary system works.

The response I got from all of them were mostly the same where they were suspicious that it was not true. So I gave them some more facts to build up their confidence in the truth of the video. This made them question the sustainability of our monetary system. But when people realise the system is fundamentally flawed, they still doubt their abilities to change that so we moved on to a video about cryptocurrencies and how it functions.


I then showed them the following video about how cryptocurrency works to give them a perspective

Now the reactions got more mixed but what they all agree on is that it could be a viable alternative but money of the people I have talked to questions the possibility of changing the system. But they were all open to accepting a system change as long as they shouldn’t spearhead the change and this is the problem people want to change the system but are afraid to take the first step.

In conclusion

While talking to different people about our economic system I realised if we are going to change the system we need some industry to spearhead the adoption because we have the believers in crypto inside the community now we need a broader practical use where cryptocurrencies are practical and offer increased privacy and security. The industry that might that is the adult industry as described in our article on the subject which you can read her

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