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Working freelance in and around cryptocurrencies

My background for writing this article is that I work freelance with cryptocurrencies. Recently I have worked with a couple of shops to give them the opportunity to accept cryptocurrency. Besides that, I have consulted on user-end optimisation of a blockchain-based healthcare record keeping systems. But there are many other opportunities out there for you to grab on to and start making your carrier. But know this you will not become a millionaire overnight that takes some doing.

Find your niche

Before getting started you need to find out what direction you should take because in cryptocurrencies there are many roads to take. If you are good at understanding and simplifying what cryptocurrencies are, then you might have the ability to be my competitor in the consulting business. If you are more the programming type, then you might be able to learn how to make smart contracts or ERC20 tokens. Another way to earn money on cryptocurrencies is to offer to proofread or maybe even to write of white papers. So as you can see, there are many opportunities it is just to grab them but to grab one of them you first need to build up your knowledge.

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If you are looking to start a freelance career the first thing to is to make a SWOT analysis on your self, and before you start we will break it up in SW which is the thing impacting your career from within, and OT is external factors. So this analysis is done by first taking the S which stands for STRENGHT this is your strongest sides that can help drive your business it could be something like “good at understanding law” or “good at understanding blockchain technology” just remember to be realistic. The next letter is W which stands for WEAKNESSES, and this could be something like “not good at understanding numbers” or “not good at working hard” it is important to stay realistic and maybe get a friend to help point this thing out. By now you should have an idea of what you are good at and what you need to work on so we can move on to O which stands for OPPORTUNITY. So what opportunities for work do you have it could be something “programming smart contracts”, “explaining blockchain technology” or “social media marketing”. Now we have worked our way through to T which stands for THREATS her you need to look at the things that threaten your work this could be “working too many houses at my day job”, “my family takes up a lot of my time”, “the development is moving to fast” and many other things. So now you have an overview of what you can do and where the dangers are for you not to go through.

So once you have found out what to do as freelance work, it is time to make an overall business plan which outlines your overall goals but also can be an inspiration when you fall on hard times with this site we have to don a MISSION STATEMENT and to inspire you I will share it here.

  • Mision: bringing inspiration for people to expand their knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
  • Vision: Be the biggest inspirational site for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Values: Giving honest and reliable information.
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Getting started

Now that we have the groundwork put in place we can start setting up in our niche. First off all read up on your local tax law to see how you report your income because in some countries you will have to set up as a company and in others, your freelance work can be reported directly to the government. Once you have a clear picture of local tax laws in this regard, you can begin the work setting up what services you want to offer, if you, for example, are good at programming then you might want to make Ethereum smart contracts you can then set up some basic smart contracts offers which could be

  • ERC20 token contract $100
  • Crowdsale contract $150
  • A contract for preICO and ICO crowd sale $250

This contract takes time to make so off cause you will have to get compensated. And once you can fulfil this services, you will need a place to sell the service. I have been happy to sell my services from is FIVERR. It is a simple easy to use platform that handles the payment side of things and gives you some potential customers. Off cause you still need to promote your services this can be done by sending potential costumers from example Social Media to a website, and in the past, I have used such sites as GoDaddy, Squarespace and now I use WordPress all of them I have been happy with and found them easy to use.

Your website is used to highlight who you are what you have worked with before and why people should hire you before sending them to FIVERR so they can order your services. If you don’t have a lot of services to chose from then start simple with a one-page website. Giving people a quick overview and then one or two bottoms to begin ordering your services. And remember you need to put in some groundwork for this to be a success.

Social media

It is crucial you adapt your use of social media to fit the type of costumes you would like to attract. So before venturing into social media make a plan for how and why you want to use it and depending on your niche it might be prudent to create a separate plan for each network. Continuing with the smart contract gig as an example a social media plan can look something like

  • Facebook: showcasing your product and relevant articles explaining the need for smart contracts.
  • Twitter: Linking to your work and a short comment on current. development of smart contracts
  • Instagram: behind the scenes look.
  • Pinterest: Showcase your work and inspirational infographic on how to use smart contracts.
  • LinkedIn: showcasing your work and articles on how to use smart contracts for business.
  • Reddit: give advise I relevant fortunes and from time to time leave a link back to showcase your product when appropriate.
  • YouTube: Talk about different aspects of your niche.
  • Quora: providing relevant answers to questions relating to your niche, remember to give full answers and only leave a link when it is relevant.

And remember to focus on one or two social media platforms at the time speaking from experience if you try to do them all at once you end up doing delivering a lousy product. One you can live off your freelance work it can be a good idea to expand the use of social media.

When using social media, it is essential to interact with the community by answering people commenting on your posts and comment on relevant information on other people posts.

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Thinking ahead

Around this point, people should begin noticing your website it doesn’t mean you are getting that many orders in but they will come if you stay consistent on your social media. But it is still time to think ahead at the next step this could be developing new products one further development could be

  • Auditing smart contracts $150

Then spend some time laying down a plan for how you are going to fulfil the orders you will get in. But since you are working in and around cryptocurrencies, it might also be an idea to look at having an order system on your site so you can incorporate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payment. You can read more about accepting cryptocurrencies as payment her.

Tools to help you

To help with promoting your services and make your name I will give you some of the tools I use.

Buffer: a social media management platform to organise your social media.

Fiverr: a platform for selling and buying freelance services

Snappa: a platform for creating pictures and adapt pictures for different social media platforms and banner ads.

YouTube channels to help you

Staying up to date requires that you get different inputs from different influencers so besides following this side I will recommend staying up to date with


Ivan on tech




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The Golden boy
I have a long background in cryptocurrencies, I first heard of Bitcoin back in 2011, did take much notice of it back then, but as time went on, I have got more and more into the idea of a decentralised economy. And have slowly accumulated cryptocurrencies since around 2013, since I didn’t have a lot of money at the time I started slowly. I thought of it more as a statement than an investment. It is first in 2016 I began to see how significant a potential there were in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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