Can we through porn revolutionise bitcoin and blockchain technology
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Can the adult industri help with crypto adoption

We currently see that the adult industry is being pushed towards accepting cryptocurrencies with different projects such as BUNNY TOKEN, FAPcoin, VICE industry token and many others but is that a good thing for cryptocurrencies as a whole. To understand that we will have to look back on what technologies were pushed to a more significant adoption by the adult entertainment industry.


In 1958 we saw the creation of films with women who got undressed, these films were created on 8mm films by photographer Harrison Marks. They got known as “glamour home movies” and sparked an era where the adult industry began using 8mm as a standard. This was because of the production price, and as a result, the sales of 8mm recorders and projectors increased.

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The format

In the 1970’s we saw a battle for the right format for home videos the struggle was between Betamax and VHS.

The most advanced technology was Betamax, but for consumers, the most immediately noticeable difference between the two formats was the recording length. Standard Betamax tapes lasted 60 minutes — not long enough to record a movie. Conversely, the 3-hour VHS tapes were perfect for recording television programmes and films. Sony did adapt and offer various solutions for more extended recording, but it was too late. The issue of recording time is often cited as the most defining factor in the war.

The more prolonged recording time and cheaper production cost were a deciding factor for the adult industry to chose VHS as a standard for releases and as a result, the sales of VCR’s were booted to a place where it began seeing mainstream adoption. An adoption where the average movie publisher preferred to release on VHS. And the next significant change in format was the change from VHS to DVD was also lead by the adult industry.

Internet development

The reason we today got streaming services is also thanks to the adult entertainment industry. They were the first to adopt streaming to the masses massively. And today we can stream to the entire world directly from our phone. Even chat in over live stream as the adult entertainment industry also were the first to adopt.

Fun fact
Did you know that Snapchat was originally used as a semi-porn/semi-sexting app? Thanks to the automatic deletion of naughty messages, it became a huge hit.And while the social platform has banned pornography, plenty of adult apps have been popping up in both the Apple store and Google Play.


For the time being. The development in VR technology both user-end experience and movie recording is being spearheaded by the adult entertainment industry. On a lot of adult sites you now can use Oculus Rift to take on the first-person view in adult films and animation there are even adult games being developed for VR.

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Thought on cryptocurrencies and the adult entertainment industry

Well as I see it, the adult entertainment industry is one of the big technology movers. And when you are watching porn, you might want to remain anonymous. So currently your bank can see if you pay for a porn site and if you have a joint account with your loved one he/she might also see it. And the adult industry knows they need to disguise their names on bank statements, but it does not take a smart person more than a couple of minutes to search for a company name and make the link.

Such projects like bunny token are making your payment for porn less noticeable. Providing you with an anonymous platform to pay with, and they plan that you will be able to use it not only for adult video entertainment but also dating services and toys. Thies create a well-rounded adult coin which you can read more on right here and participate in their ICO.

If they or any of the other projects out there are successful in gain support from one of the more important websites, we will see a big push towards adoption of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Because it will spill slowly over into other industries. Through the adult industries supply chain slowly making other wanting to get in on the action,

If you want to get in on Bunny Token and their possibility to change the adult entertainment industry, then click here

The Golden boy
I have a long background in cryptocurrencies, I first heard of Bitcoin back in 2011, did take much notice of it back then, but as time went on, I have got more and more into the idea of a decentralised economy. And have slowly accumulated cryptocurrencies since around 2013, since I didn’t have a lot of money at the time I started slowly. I thought of it more as a statement than an investment. It is first in 2016 I began to see how significant a potential there were in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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