Avoid the SCAMS

You have probably seen commercials promising 5% and 10% return on investment with a vague description of how. Or fake news site promising that some no good coin is going to skyrocket in value. What they have in common is that they want to take your money. But there are also the scams that are more elaborate, but there are some basics measures you can use to protect yourself from most scams.

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Use your eyes

By using your eyes is the first step in spotting a scam since there are a significant number of them that are designed to fool you. A good example that is hard to spot but still so easy is which has had fake news pretending to be it at the as shown below.

There are several ways to spot the fake news sites, and so I have created this simple steps to protect you.

  1. Does the website address look right?
  2. Is it secure?
  3. Does it look right?
  4. Is it claiming something that is not true?

The two first question you can answer at the same time by looking at the address for example if you are at ABC News the web address should be or nothing else at the picture example you see that some people will take up a web address closely resembling the site you are trying to access. If it looks right is a little harder to spot because even big news site has flaws in weighting but you can look at the layout does it look broken or just not as it should do then go back an look at the address. If a site is claiming something that is directly untrue, then turn around.

The good deal

When you get presented with a good investment deal, then there are also some things to avoid. The main thing is that no one can promise you a guaranteed return on investment. But let’s put it into a little context. I have seen a lot of commercials promising investors a 10% return no matter what. And that is not realistic if you look at any market, but if they promise you a UP TO 10% return, it is a whole other picture. This is because every investment carries a risk. And some warning signs to be aware of is.

  1. If they promise you a guaranteed return.
  2. If they are not registered as a company in a country with a high level of financial oversight.
  3. If you look up their company address on Google earth and see an empty lot or a residential building.
  4. If you can’t find trustworthy reviews of them.

If you use this warning signs as an indicator, you are well on your way to avoid scams. But as people get smarter so do the scammers so they will keep evolving their scams so if you notice a scam then tip us and we will look over it and try to put out a SCAM ALERT.

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What can help you avoid the dangers

There are some software that can help you to avoid getting scammed, or if you have been scammed, then it might also help you to do damage control. I am of cause talking about one of the leading security software packages from Bullguard with their premium coverage.

The coverage you only get from their premium package is the scan for personal information on the web including the deep dark web. Thies will give you a heads up if your data is accessible to other people in some way. Besides that, they offer complete protection of your home network with their network scan securing you against vulnerabilities in your smart devices. Then the package also provides you with a full security package as seen by other developers. But it is their identity protection that sets it apart and does I recommend it to you. If you have gotten to this point in the text, you deserve a 65% discount on a premium package which you can get here.

When you have been scammed.

Even the best of us can get scammed even without us knowing about it there for we have put together some advice to help you after.

If you have used cryptocurrencies there is currently not much to do unless someone starts a lawsuit against the scammer then you might get in on it to retrieve some of your money.

If you have used a credit or debit card, you can usually within 30 – 60 days (depending on your country and bank) contest the payment by contacting your bank. And if you have the slightest suspension that your card might be misused then block it and get a new one from the bank.

If you have given out personal details, we are back at damage control with Bullguard which I have weighted about earlier in the article. And a quick reminder only gives out information to trusted secure sites.

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