You might have seen the commercials already for the token sale of bunny token. So let's take a closer on the token sale and what the coin offers.
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A look at Bunny Token

You might have seen the commercials already for the token sale of BUNNY TOKEN. So let’s take a closer on the token sale and what the coin offers.

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BUNNY TOKEN aims to revolutionise the way we pay for adult content, taking the bank out of the equation so they can’t see that you are paying for adult content. But it is not only the content sides they are aiming to revolutionise it is also payment for dating apps and adult toys so you will get full privacy when interacting with adult only sides.

And thanks to lower fees for the content provider we might see lower prices for adult content. A higher payment infrastructure security thanks to the use of ethereum blockchain technology.

Important dates

Apil 25th 2018 The initial token sale starts. From the begging of the token sale, the price will increase by 1% every day until it ends on May 25th, 2018.

The third quarter of 2018 will give us an exchange listing of BUNNY TOKEN, it is also there we get airdrops, and all unsold tokens will be burned.

The fourth quarter of 2018 will give us a beta test of a payment solution and a wallet for the BUNNY TOKEN.

Moving on to the first quarter of 2019 will see the release of their payment solution.

The second quarter is where the project aims to hit 200 business where you can pay with BUNNY TOKEN. From there they intend to dominate the market by q3 2019.

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Thoughts on the project

Looking over their team I see an advisory board with people who know the industry, but I am surprised that it is actresses and a photographer there is no one with experience from the leadership side of adult content supply.

Their team looks great on the surface with people who all have some experiences or education that can be put to good use in making this token a success, what has me concerned is when you dig a little deeper you will see that none of the team members has a lot of experience with project work. There is currently no product, and some sites have signed on partnering with BUNNY TOKEN, but none of leading site in the industry has confirmed that they are working on the project.

Another factor to consider is what they score on different ICO rating sites, and that doesn’t look good when we look at ICOBench which I often use we get some insight on what other people think and the ICO have a score 2,7 out of 5. So when we split it up, then the ICO Profile has gotten a 4,5 rating which shows that the ICO has something to offer. Going on to the team they got a rating of 2,5 which to me indicates that they got a big team which is not a team known for success. The ICO vision receives a 2,7 rating, and that shows to me that they could be aiming higher than they are and the last score is the product rating of 2,3 which may because they have not got a product as of yet.

Overall I am have not invested in the preICO but am considering an investment in the main ICO depending on what news comes from the team, but if you are interested click here to invest

FULL DISCLOSURE we have not been paid to write this article, but we have signed up for the bounty program so if you are considering investing in BUNNY TOKEN you can support our site by using any of the links to the BUNNY TOKEN sale.

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