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Video saturday 24/03

Let us bring you a view towards the future. This Saturday we will be looking at the future and how you can prepare yourself and as always with a twist of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. So watch along stay entertained at the same time as you get educated.

This video from Growth Tribe is looking toward the year 2020 and even if some of what they say sounds like a doomsday message then if you listen to the video a message of staying appropriately educated shines through.


When we look at some of the new opportunities that are here and will create jobs in the future we have to look at the understanding of blockchain. And for understanding blockchain, we will look at a video from Institut for the Future, which explains the possibilities of blockchain in an easy to understand way.

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Can modern economy learn from the tulip bubble?

And to get you started in creating a career in blockchain and decentralisation we are looking to Siraj Raval who have created a video guiding you on how to create your first decentralised application, and this is just the first step in creating decentralised applications you can earn money on.

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Today’s bonus video is a look at a possible future from my favourite Sci-Fi chanal on youtube called DUST, it shows us what too much interconnectivity and centralisation can do.

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