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Why do we need decentralisation???

As we see more and more blockchain projects, we also see more and more decentralisation in some industries, and that might be a good thing if it spread to our governments.

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The internet of things

Currently, we see a development where our different home devices get more and more connected to the internet, and this gives us new opportunities. Now we just need companies and society to follow along so we can move a lot of services from “subscription” based to “pay as you go” where you only pay for what you use. A recent study from the Danish Institute of technology showed that 70% of subscribers to video streaming services don’t use it regularly and would save money on a pay as you go plan.

A way to implement a pay as you go plan is what the project behind IOTA is focusing on they just dream bigger because why stop with the services we use over the internet. Why not let your device automatically pay for the power it uses, the only thing I am concerned about is if every smart device needs a cryptocurrency wallet on itself to pay for what it uses you might one day have forgotten to transfer funds to your refrigerator. Then you are gone on a weekend away and come home to a lot of spoiled food. The way to avoid this might be that you have a central wallet for the house and then we come to the concern for hacking attacks. But I believe that a decentralised payment structure will be the future where our devices pay for what they need as they need it. So I in the future we might be able to set up this site so it withdraws a little amount of whatever currency will be dominant for you to watch this site. So when you surf online in the future, you might get small warnings of payment when trying to access different sides.

Local Democracy

Besides decentralising all our payments, we can take it a step further, to a place where our elected officials no longer make all legislative decisions on our behalf. The blockchain technology opens up the opportunity for an election structure where you no longer need to go down and stand in line to cast your vote. You might do it from your phone, and once you can use your phone, the only thing you need is a signal on it to vote no matter where in the world you are.  You and I will be able to take part in more decisions impacting our lives, it will no longer be a bunch of people in the capital making the law for a small-time farmer in the other end of the country.

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No more leaders

We can remove a lot of leaders from our society if we create a decentralised governmental structure we have already seen smaller examples of such structures in the DASH DAO (which we will be covering in a later article). But to remember we need to go expanded it to cover the world and to do that it needs to start small.

To a start we will have to look at local government, we might not completely remove the Mayor, but we can redefine his/her job description. If we as citizens are making decisions about where our local administration should put their focus we need to:

  • Better educate our kids about society’s structure
  • Inform people on what goes on in local government
  • Simplify what is voted on for easy understanding

When this is in place, we can redefine the administration of local government to a point where elected officials are there to administrate the will of the people. This gives the added benefit of not needing as many elected officials we might only need the Mayor, a person who can take the immediate action when something requires fast action. The fall back is if the community grows too large it might not be able to sustain a structure without a leader or at least until we see some fundamental changes in our society. This is because our psychological nature makes us vote what is best for us not what is best for our community and this nature can be changed by teaching our kids about our society.

And we need to start locally before we can implement it on a state level and this is because people need to learn how to govern them self. And if implemented it needs time to mature, but then I believe that we can create a leaderless self-governing state. And if you want to know more about what power a leaderless organisation can have, I recommend that you read “The Starfish and the spider” which you can get her.


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