Video saturday

Video Saturday

Time for another weekend where we want to inspire you, this weekend we want to bring the smile to your face as you get smarter on the future of economy

Let start with a song devoted to bitcoin from naomilvdv, a good song from a talented woman, and it is off cause about bitcoin which is a big plus.

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Will Bitcoin become a daily currency???

The next video is a commercial for a cryptocurrency see when you can spot what coin it is, and as an added bonus sit is a coin we are going to be talking writing about next week

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Can blockchain end world hunger?

Now let’s get some humor from Tripp and Tyler, this video will show you if emails were people how annoying it would be, I especially like their version of Nigerian letters.

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Can Cryptocurrency learn from the Stock market?

And let’s not forget something educational explaining Cardano, which we soon will be covering

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Hope you enjoyed the videos we brought to you and remember to click the little red bell icon at the bottom left corner to stay up to date with our latest articles

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