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How do i protect my identity online???

Your identity is crucial to keep safe, that is why I will give you some advice on how to keep it safe, whether you are just surfing online or security fanatic. There are many different steps to take, and some service providers that will help to keep your identity safe.

We will look at a service provider that scans the net for your information to help prevent misuse of your identity, how you can hide on the net and the onion that might protect you.


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Basic advice

When you surf around on the internet, there are a lot of unseen dangers. But if you use a little common sense, you will be able to avoid the biggest mistakes on the internet. Even though I believe that most of you will use common sense when surfing on the internet, I will just go over some primary measures to secure your identity

  1. Make sure you know what sensitive information can be misused and it can be information such as
    1. social security number
    2. your full name and address
    3. credit card information
    4. bank information
    5. Login information to different web accounts
  2. Never give out sensitive information on websites you do not trust
  3. Never give up personal information in a chat room
  4. If  you need to pay online use only a trusted service provider
    1. you might want to use PayPal is there a god buyers protection
      1. Just make sure that it is a business account you’re paying too,  so if you’re paying on You are not covered by buyers protection. 
      2. The easiest way to look if it’s a private or a business account you’re paying to is that a business account will show you what items you have bought after you PayPal login but before you approve the transaction
    2. Paying with credit card only to trusted online retailers,  if you are in doubt, you can either use Trustpilot or as I don’t buy from the store. But if you are using Trustpilot, the trick is not to look at how many positives they get but what does the negative say if there are complaining about misuse of credit card information. Lack of delivery and so on you might want to think twice about using this store, and if there are no negative reviews, I get suspicious.
  5. Before giving out any personal information it is essential that the web address in the address line starts with https,  it is S that is important. If you’re using Chrome, you will have a green lock before the web address.
  6. To sum up the advice, you are in charge of your own safety so use your head wisely when paying online.


Services that help protect you

Thinking about your internet privacy is not just for a conspiracy theorist, it’s also for the common Man or woman, this is because our lives have become very dependent on the internet. In a lot of countries, the primary means of communication with public services goes through the internet. This means a lot of our essential personal pieces of information are accessible online and can be leaked, either by accident or by qualified hackers. But there are ways to secure yourself. Personally, I use a service which scans the internet for my personal information or information resembling my personal information. The service includes scanning of the Deep Web, which is where personal information is traded. It is delivered by a company called BullGuard, and it has actually saved me from losing some of my data because my name and address were posted online without my consent. Besides scanning the web for your information, it scans my home network for security flaws in all my smart devices and thereby securing that my information doesn’t get leaked by any intelligent devices such as televisions, refrigerators, lamps and whatever I have on my home network. Therefore I have also used my contacts to secure you a 60% discount on their premium security package which includes:

  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Next-gen anti-malware
  • Ransomware protection
  • Safe browsing
  • Antiphishing
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Automatic updates and upgrades
  • Firewall
  • Parental Control
  • 24/7 Support
  • PC Tune-Up
  • Cloud Integrated Backup
  • Identity protection
  • Home Network Scanner

And you can claim your 60% discount on the Premium deal right here


Hiding on the internet

Besides securing your computer against viruses and your identity against being stolen you might also want to protect where in the world you are,  maybe you use a lot of public networks and need some way of securing your connections to the internet. For that, you can use a virtual private network also called VPN,  and this might secure you in a way that you never thought of before.

IP address

Before we can understand the need for not showing our IP address we need to understand what is an IP address. An IP address is a fascinating product of modern computer technology designed to allow one computer (or other digital devices) to communicate with another via the Internet. IP addresses will enable the location of literally billions of digital devices that are connected to the Internet to be pinpointed and differentiated from other devices. In the same sense that someone needs your mailing address to send you a letter, a remote computer needs your IP address to communicate with your computer.

“IP” stands for Internet Protocol, so an IP address is an Internet Protocol address. What does that mean? An Internet Protocol is a set of rules that govern Internet activity and facilitate completion of a variety of actions on the World Wide Web. Therefore an Internet Protocol address is part of the systematically laid out interconnected grid that governs online communication by identifying both initiating devices and various internet destinations, thereby making two-way communication possible.

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Virtual private network (VPN)

The VPN allows you to disguise your IP address, It also allows you to set up a secure connection to an offsite server, and thereby gaining the servers IP address. But it also allows you to set up a secure encrypted connection when you’re using public wifi. Let’s start a little more basic, when you connect to your home network, it will exchange data directly between the router and your computer/device, And once you go out onto the internet you are connecting to your service providers server, and then onward to the internet. And in theory, your service provider will be able to track your movements online, thanks to your IP address your internet provider can trace it back to you but also enables websites to geographically locate you.

If you want to change the service providers ability to track you and websites ability to geographically locate you. A VPN might be the answer, creating a virtual network with a VPN provider. Usually, they will not log your movements on the internet because they’re in the business of privacy. All of this is done possibly by the VPN creating an encrypted network between you through service provider of your VPN. Your computer will transmit encrypted messages to your router and onward through your internet provider so that your internet provider can now only see that you are sending an encrypted packet forth and back to your VPN service provider. And I will warn you against using free VPN providers,  and this is because nothing good is free. Usually, a free VPN provider will give you Commercials to see,  besides that many of the free providers will track your movements so they can sell your movement information or they just don’t work.

An added benefit of using a VPN Is when you are on a public wifi,  here you run the risk of all the people on the wifi intercepting and getting into your internet browsing, you will be able to encrypt your browsing, and if someone intercepts you internet movements they will only be able to see that it is an encrypted movement.

There are a couple of good VPN providers out there,  personally, I use NordVPN, And this is because I get the possibility of VPN from my phone and from my computers. I never had any complaints about the service I can choose from a variety of servers from all over the world. They also pride them selves of having military-grade encryption,  security against malicious online threats and they add an extra layer of protection by double encrypting information they sent to and from your computer. And if you want the VPN offer, you can check out the price right here, And remember if you’re going to watch a video on YouTube that is blocked from your country, you will be able to access it through a VPN.


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To make it simple for you I will not include a lot of information about tor browsing and onion routing, but I have added a video that explains to you what it is. And this is for you to get an understanding of what tor browsing is, in a later article we will follow up with a proper explanation and a proper setup guide.

This video is borrowed from the YouTube channel Techquickie, And you can watch many of there tech videos at

It is a channel I have used a lot to get an understanding or different point of view on a variety of tech base knowledge.


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  1. Getting vpn helped me a lot to keep my browsing secure because I had some neighbours who where hacking on their free time so I had to take actions. I set a vpn on my router so they couldnt see what I am up to. I found a great article about several vpns you can make your choice depending on your needs.

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