Video saturday

Video saturday

It is now time for another video Saturday the time for you to lean back relax and get knowledge through video and audio.  today we are having the subject of  GDP on the table besides that we will be looking at how  it would look like if a conference call were real life meeting, Ending up with how you store gold and silver in your home and I might say it is not easy


The first video is explaining to GDP in a way so everyone can understand,  it is a tough subject to understand that’s why I like this video because it easily puts all the hard numbers to understand

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Can Cryptocurrency learn from the Stock market?

The conference call

if you have ever tried a conference calling you know how confusing it can be,  these guys have put it in a more physical environment, and that would be quite funny and karting meaning

Gold and Silver

Have you ever thought about buying silver and gold,  try thinking about how you started in your own home.

them any advice on buying gold and silver and storing it for a rainy day so let’s take a look at the video and see how to keep it safe  and easily accessible

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Who is Naval Ravikant


We have included a bonus video with Naval Ravikant on The Prisoner’s Dilemma


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