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Who is Naval Ravikant

This is a short introduction to Naval Ravikant. Naval Is known to the most serious of cryptocurrency enthusiast, as a tremendous serial investor in startup and the CEO of AngelList.

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A double scholar holding several degrees in fields such as electrical engineering and computer science,  according to his LinkedIn profile he also has a bachelor in economics, this gives Naval Ravikant the perfect educational background for investing into blockchain related projects.

The first significant company he was involved with as a co-founder and CEO were Epinions, a survey company which survived the dot-com bubble, to create a big brand within the product survey industry. Naval moved on from Epinions to becoming a venture partner in August Capital for a 4 year period which we can assume made him some money and helped him along to currently, being involved with as the chairman,  besides that he holds the title of being one of their founders. describ them self as.

Vast is a platform that informs confident decisions in complex and/or high-risk environments—powered by large datasets and surfaced by artificial intelligence (AI)—for Enterprise clients and consumers alike. Collecting and analyzing data since its founding in 2005, Vast has become the premier provider of big data solutions for many of the Global 1000’s most significant automotive and real estate businesses.


Besides that Naval is it bald with AngelList a site for Startup companies looking for angel investors to invest in their Companies,  replicating an opportunity to receive a cash influx from accredited investors.

The success of Angel lists can be easily measured with a total capital raised in 2014 of 104 million dollars, 243 startups funded through the platform and 2.673 investors participated.

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To give you a little more inside into Naval  I have included a video from the block stack summit of 2017, One of the subject he’s talking about it, and it works in a broader sense than you might think and he’s actually making a lot of sense out of it. As an early investor, he has some interesting views and the future of blockchain technology which site you to watch

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