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It’s time for another video Saturday I bring to you 3 videos to you starting with a laugh and ending with a laugh, And in the middle some serious good knowledge.

Should We Do a Bitcoin Sketch?

This video is from 2014 but I still relevant, It’s a great funny video that she was the Debate Bitcoin can create even outside the realm of cryptocurrencies

Selected for you
Getting Into Bitcoin in 2018: Investing

Quoine: Long-Term Holders of Bitcoin Will Make Money

Hold on to your Bitcoin, This is Bloomberg video and bitcoin and how you will making money just by holding Bitcoin, Might give you a little perspective on bitcoin, bitcoin cash.

so stay smart on bitcoin and watch this video.

Selected for you
Will Bitcoin become a daily currency???

The mystery boxes

This video is not just an unboxing, I guarantee you it is cryptocurrency related and you will get the most out of it by watching the whole video,  this guy does not know what cryptocurrency is,  but watch the video and see what you get out of a $20,000 investment in a mystery box

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