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Investing in blockchain without buying into cryptocurrencies

You might have heard about bitcoin, and if you have read a little about it you will also have heard about blockchain, and many projects require cryptocurrencies to buy into, but there are ways to invest your money in blockchain without getting in contact with cryptocurrencies, so if you are thinking mid to long-term blockchain investments is here some inspirations.

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Eastman Kodak

Better known as Kodak (KODK), established in 1888 kodak has had it greatness with camera film, but as it went the way of the dinosaur, kodak held on seeking refuge in video making and printing solutions. It is without a doubt a company that saw its prime in the 1980’s and 90’s and since then have had to scale back its operation, but now they have seen a way to breathe new life into the company through blockchain

The KodakCoin is more than just another cryptocurrency besides the goal of creating a coin to pay photographers their royalty and ensure some sort of profit to Kodak, they also aim for the blockchain to ensure that photographers remain in control of when their picture is being used.

The market for digital photography is estimated to be more than $100 billion per year by 2021, and there is still no clear solution to make sure that photographers to collect their royalties, and this is why KodakCoin aims to be that solution.



Do you think blockchain is the basis of future money then you share a vision with IBM (International business machines), and yes it is the same IBM that has been leaning on its legacy for fare to longe not coming out with any actual innovations for a long time. But they have recently seen that they need to stop up the game and diving into their talent pool and their deep pockets. They have come up with blockchain products that are going to mean a lot to governments and their regulating agencies.

And as a big vel established company with a focus on quality they can not deliver a half-finished product to customers, that is why the blockchain system they have placed in their financial unit has been a success  by reducing average dispute time from 50 days down to 10 days, and as an added bonus reduced administrative cost.

IBM I also working on systems that will significantly improve tracking of shipments, food safety, and many more systems to improve record keeping. So they have the possibility to revolutionize recordkeeping in many industries.

Learn more about IBM and blockchain at



If you have followed development in blockchain technology, you will undoubtedly have heard that they are looking into blockchain technology. And as one of the world’s largest middlemen for money transactions, they are in a unique position, to change how we apply blockchain technology, and being in the second place for blockchain patents held in the U.S. they are working on even though we don’t see much of it at the front end.

Manny analyst has been speaking of why MasterCard is not more outspoken about the technology, and there seems to be a consensus that they are looking for ways to ease up their administrative process and waiting to see where cryptocurrencies will go.



Stock name OSTK, also known as, an online retailer specializes in selling surplus inventory, and they are expanding on of their expansions is into blockchain technology.

The CEO Patrick Byrne is behind the project tZERO, a project that aims to be an SEC-regulated trading system, for property registry, which can be universally accepted collateral to lenders.   

And the project, in short, describes it like: A DLR (Digital Locate Receipt) is a digitized version of a traditional REG SHO locate. tZERO’s DLR platform provides its clients with a technological solution to automate the conventional REG SHO locate process to meet operational and regulatory requirements. tZERO’s DLR platform captures all inventory and audit trail information and stores that information permanently on a proprietary blockchain.

Find out more at their website:

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If you are not entirely sold on the blockchain technology, but still want some sort of investment then look to Nvidia (NVDA). Why you should look to Nvidia is simply because thanks to bitcoin mining we have seen an increase in graphic card sales.

Graphic card processes are ideal for bitcoin mining. Regularly computer processors can be used, but the higher efficiency offered by the graphic card made the sales sky rocket towards the end of 2017, and every manufacturer of graphic card saw an increase in sales even lesser known producers have seen increases, but Nvidia is one of the most known in the business, will shave customers even if they don’t sell to miners, so income is secured as long as they keep being one of the biggest in the business.

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This article is made without contact with the companies mention all information is lifted from their websites, news articles and reviews of their products, and therefore does not represent the the opinion of the companies mentioned


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