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Can blockchain change the way we look at healthcare?

Can we get better health with the help from blockchain technology, To understand this article you need to read the article on “The future of healthcare” Since the outlines we’re going to be talking about this explained in that article.

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When we talked about taking care of our own health then we today have the option of juicing equipment that interacts with an app on the phone, so we can get a complete picture, and for me personally I train a lot in my local gym and to see any benefits from that my team has an app which allows me to interact with their smart scale. And it is a little more advanced than your normal scale because it allows me to Measure my fat percentage, my muscle mass, how much I weigh and because I have put in my hight I also get my body mass index. And of course, it saves it all in there an app so I can see the development over time. And if we had a Healthcare blockchain I might even be able to send the data directly to the chain and if we go to the system I touched in the article “The future of medical records” Then the fitness centre don’t need to have access to my records they could just send it from the app to my medical app where I can put it into my medical records so now the doctors have and even got a picture of how my body is build-up, and then when I get home I might have a blood pressure machine because I have a healthcare education I know how much my blood pressure needs to be in order to be healthy, but not everyone knows that but they can still make sure that blood pressure let’s say once a month that way they have a bassline and using the same premise as before the blood pressure machines since data to an app maybe even directed to my Healthcare app I didn’t choose whether or not to send it to the blockchain so now my doctor has don’t need to say I need to measure my blood pressure area morning and evening for three days they have my bassline and they can see if there has been any development, I know the systems that can do that now but most systems don’t cover the entire Healthcare Industry, so my private physician might get the data, but when I am admitted to hospital they will not have the data, so they need to measure my blood pressure for a couple of days if they think I have something related to my blood pressure, But if they had my bassline They would only need to measure my blood pressure once maybe twice to see if there’s something abnormal about it.


How technology is developing faster and faster Empire now, we have smartwatches that can measure your activity, Pulse, how much you walk and so on. All these data are precious to doctors when they are trying to diagnose you and when they’re trying to find out if their treatment is working so if we at some point I able to send the status of the black teen it will help the doctor’s quite a lot. And we need to be aware of security and all of this so many of our devices would need to be able to send the data to your phone then you can approve if they should go on the blockchain that way keeping you in charge of what insect in your medical records. And while we’re talking getting more active why to wait until we get the blockchain that can send it to our doctors started a become more active .you could start today by purchasing a smartwatch with activity tracking you can check out the prices at Amazon right here.

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Another benefit of you being in control of your own medical records and even vital measurements is that you will be able to sell them off for science if you want to. This gives you a way to support research and development into diseases and general health, and with the government being in over the blockchain they can make sure that it is anonymous data that is being sent to the research and development team. But still, make sure that the payment goes out through the blockchain to you. I believe then it would be a lot easier to recruit people for participation in Healthcare experiments. Especially those experiments that are not invasive, but also if you have a disease that needs a lot of research a doctor might refer you to a research programme this program will then get you anonymize data. And in Exchange they might give you an incentive it may not be money direct it could be discount coupons for something new have chosen, might be discount on some specific medicine you need, Or it could just be those research organizations who get access to the data.



By having a black chain with the premise of everyone in one nation using the same thing for medical records, there are some dangerous but also some proper incentives For the general population to be more focused on their own health.

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If we don’t make, some clear rules insurance companies might say that you need to give them full access before you can be considered as a customer with them. And that is entirely understandable they want to protect their own interests, today if I am to have a health care insurance I need to deliver a lot of papers from my and physician before they can approve me for the coverage. The only difference here is that they would like to have full access I believe, and this full access to read all your medical records might disqualify you if you had had a gene mapping which has been recorded on the blockchain. Because the mapping of your genes might reveal you have a chance of getting Alzheimer’s and that would be a substantial cost post for the insurance company. On the other hand, if we have an insurance company that cares about our health from a financial point of view, it could be beneficial for the insurance company to give you some incentives to improve your health. They might see that you have a high possibility of getting a cardiovascular disease so they would like for you to start exercising and taking some vital measurements to see if this is improving your health. And if you do as they would want to and it shows improvement then an incentive might be a lower cost for the insurance but also by partnering up with other firms, and other incentives might be regularly discount on coffee on other items you might buy. So for insurance purposes, the blockchain based healthcare records can be just as smart as it can be damaging. So what is needed is clear regulations before we can start to adopt a blockchain Healthcare system at least when it comes to insurance companies, so they don’t get too much information. But still able to help you to become a more healthy person in that way it’s a win-win situation but for the insurance company and for the consumer.

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I’m just saying regulations are going to be easy to make in fact I believe they are going to be extremely difficult to make an extremely difficult to enforce, but once the basics I place it will become an easy task to maintain and implement. Besides that, the insurance companies would make for a significant investment if such a system Someday is to be applied, Because if the insurance companies are motivating you for better health, they also motivating you to make their profit better.


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In conclusion

If you have to conclude anything out of the possibility of a blockchain-based health care record system, it is that we need to be careful it can be a great thing both for the public health and for-profits within the private industry. But there are some implications that might be a little dangerous if an employer asks to get permission to look into your Healthcare record in order to see if you are a viable candidate for a job, or an insurance company might decline you as a customer due to the fact you might someday get a disease that is in your genes. On the other hand, we have a system that can make sure that your doctor has all the information they need advisable at the click of a button if you allow it, it can give you full control over your medical records. And no new innovation comes without its drawbacks.

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