The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto

Is bitcoin made by the CIA

One of the most elaborate theories I have heard is the CIA should have created Bitcoin. Personally, I’m sceptical about it that’s why I want to explore why they could have done it, and this is going to be pretty far fetched. I have only included the ones that are actually possible weather that plausible I will let you decide.


What is the CIA

To understand if the CIA  was capable of creating Bitcoin we need to take some steps back and look at what the CIA is. Central Intelligence Agency better known as the CIA  Is in charge of protecting the United States interests abroad,  they rely heavily on Informant and agents to give them the information they need to protect the United States interests,  and that is why we often hear them being involved in different Wars. And we have gotten pieces of information that the CIA has been involved in various Projects that have to do with the security of the United States and its allies. Not all projects are war-related because there are many ways to undermine the United States. So to keep up to date we have seen the CIA be involved in difference cyber protection measures and other measures which are needed to avoid malicious activities weakening the United States of America.

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Did they have the ability

Even though the CIA is shrouded in mystery and secrecy, we do know that they employ a lot of different specialists in cybersecurity,  hacking, cryptography and many other computer specialities. We do know that they for a long while have been aware of cyber threats to national security, and we do know that the CIA was aware of cyber threats back in 2001 due to a statement made by the CIA on June 21st, 2001, on anticipated threats towards 2015.

So we can safely assume that in 2009 at the conception of Bitcoin they have been working with cryptographic algorithms and thereby concludes that they did have the capabilities to create Bitcoin so let’s move on to explore why should they,  and what will be the benefits to the CIA and the United States.

Research and development

One of the most significant possibilities is that the CIA has used bitcoin and blockchain technology as a research and development tool to analyze what impact it will have on the American economy. As we know the first 1 million bitcoins have never been in circulation they have been mind but do not circulate we assume they are held by the so-called Satoshi Nakamoto and if it is the CIA that is behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto they hold power to disrupt the market if they wish to do so. If bitcoins starts to undermine the United States government, they can shut it down by releasing 1 million bitcoin at one time and thereby driving the price so low that it will take a long time to recover. This just doesn’t explain why it has been made open source, but it is a great research project into social behaviour and economic interactions. So this is an actual possibility how plausible it is can be debated because besides getting a grade research project on it. There are no security gains from releasing bitcoin and blockchain as open source and the number of industries that follows both inside the United States and outside it’s not really the concerns of the CIA.

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Aiming for more power

For a secret organization to create a currency based and anonymity makes a lot of sense and one of the theories I have heard was that the CIA created Bitcoin to get funding for projects without congressional oversight. Front different newscast we know that the CIA has little to no oversight on some activities, So if this was created without supervision for the CIA to be able to conduct operations that are fully funded with no government oversight make some sense. Through bitcoin, they would be able to strengthen their covert operations and even sending them through third-party middlemen, and if they set it up the right way within the structure of the CIA, they would be able to control a lot more by them self instead of by policies dictated from the politicians. This would also create a safeguard against a president that the CIA does not agree with,  not to say that they will overthrow the president, but they would be able to conduct operations sensitive to national Security without a direct link to the CIA. And setting up mining operations within the CIA would be quite easy, and they have the amount of computer power needed. And they might even be able to use the technology to create a line of communication which is more covert than ever seen before.

This is an actual possibility for the creation of bitcoins,  it may have some flaws regarding the safety and security for bitcoin but it might just have been the first step for the Central Intelligence Agency,  and making it open source would have spread it out and thereby creating the ecosystem of Bitcoin. Which allows them to exchange their bitcoin into actual funds mainly if they have mined afterwards and regarding the secrecy of Satoshi Nakamoto the CIA  would go to extreme lengths to keep that secret, and that fits perfectly what we have seen about Satoshi Nakamoto. In my view, this is indeed possible I just don’t think it’s likely.

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Rogue agent.

The blockchain technology could have been developed by the CIA as a means of a secure communication and was never intended for the outside world. Due to the nature of cryptography, it could develop into a communication method. And before it was finished as a means of communication, a rogue agent might have taken the initial developments for blockchain technology and made it open source. This could have been done for ideological reasons And by hijacking the piece of technology making you accessible as bitcoin, created the ecosystem as we know it today,  so it’s a possibility that it is in fact created by the CIA but not delivered to the people by the CIA.

I believe that this is an actual possibility we don’t know what research the CIA is working on behind its walls,  but it will surprise me if they are not researching covert means of communications and blockchain might just have been the new smart communication. And then before it was finished some employee made the technology accessible to the public. If that is the case then once the CIA got information about their technology being available as open source it would give no reason for them to claim it has been made by them,  but I believe that if they could find the responsible employee they would have dealt with it without us knowing about it.

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In conclusion

In conclusion, there’s no actual evidence that the CIA is behind bitcoin and blockchain technology,  I have found little to no indications other than it is possible in theory.  I do not believe that bitcoin was created by the CIA as I see no real incentive for them to build Bitcoin Since they already have little to no oversight on some part of their operations and the other side they got just pretty much in favour of what they’re doing. But I could see them use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an opportunity to gain funds from outside the government through either mining or hacking.



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