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Video saturday

Welcome to our new initiative video Saturday something to spice up your weekend, we Outlook ingen around for videos Letter to get educated and entertained at the same time will not be taking on long boring videos, and feel Free to let us know if you got any videos with you take a closer look at that maybe put up on videos saturday. Old videos with relate to bitcoin blockchain or economy in some way or another

First video from scishow Is about Bitcoin, Is the place we will starts because they explain Bitcoin in such an easy way please share it with your friends family loved ones so they can get smarter on what bitcoin is, someone who knows what bitcoin is Gumball people will get into it because it’s simple tickets that it if you don’t know what it is.

Selected for you
Hyper news, have we forgot the basics

second video If you don’t know what money can do then this is the video to see it is in Chinese but it got subtitles so watch it and get your laugh going

Selected for you
Hal Finney, can he have left a leagcy in bitcoin

third video of the day is on the creation of wealth It’s a good educational video and I know I use a strong word when I say educational What is also a bit funny so we have included it, So you could get smarter by sitting there listening and watching and laughing a little bit.

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The writers writing under the pseudonym of crypto Media service Iis shadow writers all with experience in cryptocurrency of at least 3 years, they have either been invested in trading or worked on the technical side of blockchain technology but wishes to stay anonymous for multiple reasons

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