The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto

Is bitcoin a product of big corporations

In our quest for finding satoshi nakamoto we have now come to the fun part where it is the conspiracies of which we will Focus and one of the conspiracies is that a couple of major corporation I have pulled the strings together in order to create the character satoshi nakamoto and their buy Bitcoin sparking the cryptocurrency Revolution. It doesn’t facts four companies there is in the picture is a Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi and Motorola, These four companies when the names get combined you will get satoshi nakamoto as shown in the picture.


a good question is why is corporation should develop this currency and not widely used it, but there are a couple of possibilities of why they have chosen to not use the currency but still have development, we have seen a lot of technology companies have developed but never used but has been adopted by all entities in our Society.

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Research and development

The first and simple explanation could be that the companies have joined forces in development new technology And what makes this possible is they are all in the industry of electronics and digital Solutions, And the development of blockchain technology would have given them a leading edge, The only thing that bugs me about this Siri is why wouldn’t they have patented the development of blockchain technology, it gives little financial reasons to develop a technology and then that corner the market and the technology of course with the price hike we see in Bitcoin they could have developed and mine the first bitcoins and then just waiting to see if the maggot would go in their favour, but in fact for these for companies the 1 million bitcoin even when it was at its highest would still be small change.

anonymous-2902661_640Rogue employee

and other quite interesting option could be that the four companies in the joint venture actually did develop the blockchain technology, and then was planning and taking out a patent once the technology was at its right stage, but research employee might have condom it advanced by letting it out as open Source before they were able to take out the patent, likelihood of this theory is more possible than the first one. But I still believe people to have seen lawyers trying to prove that the company’s app development beforehand and some employment might have broken their confidentiality agreements, and we haven’t seen that yet, So we have to take another approach and why these companies would have developed the blockchain technology.

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Money isn’t everything

These companies might have developed the technology and we’re looking for a way to get it out and soul the easiest way to get adoption of the technology whas threw currencies, I’m looking at some reasons why they would not take money for the technology is that it might be a cornerstone in some later plan which requires a lot of adoption, but looking at the companies and how big they are displaying seems farfetch, the reason for this is even small development of new technologies in the Tech business is appended right away for these big corporations because there’s a lot of money at stake.

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My belief

It is my firm belief that this theory holds no place in the real world there’s simply not enough good arguments forbid, racist to develop and open source technology unless we see a lot of products coming out at that needs the technology, And to be quite frank you have not seen that many products coming out of these corporations that uses blockchain technology we know they’re working with blockchain technology but all major corporations doing that these days, Suck my verdict is not possible next week we will be looking more into conspiracies that might have created bitcoin so remember to check back and see if we can find satoshi nakamoto

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