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Secure your computer

It is not free to have proper computer security, but it can be cheap, but before you run out investing in an antivirus software there are a few things you need to know.

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ransomware-2321665_1280.pngIn the internet dangerous.

NO not at all if you use your head just the slightest, but you need to be aware of the dangers on the internet and how to protect yourself, first of all I am sure manny of you uses windows so it needs to be kept up to date, it is done via the windows update programme which is preinstalled on every windows computer, don’t use anything else. On windows 10 you can finde it using the little magnifying glass in the bottom left then search for update and it will appear.

Secondly you need an antivirus software, there are many to chose from and I use two different programs and I am happy with both, and what is most important is that it is that you keep it up to date, normally it will have an auto update function, if you just let it run then you should be well in the clear as to keep it up to date. Further more you need to let it periodical scan your pc, I recommend that you do I at least once a week, if you have an average computer use (by average I mean 2-3 houses a day). More than average you may have a relaxed atetude towards security and I would say that if you go above 3-4 hours on average a day then you need to scan the computer twise a week. To be secure, and to keep your data secured.

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And for recommendation on which software to use I will say ZoneAleart a antiviral and software firewall, that is keeping up to date by often updating, can run core checks in the background and finde a lot of unwanted programmes on the computer I use mostly use for my internet related work. And that why I secured a good deal on ZoneAleart where you can save up to 65% tjeck it out her


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