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Do you know what dangers are in your inbox

Cyberspace if you are reading this you are on I but what dangers lurked around out there? And can we protect ourselves?

ecstatic-2821540_640The email from a friend

Maby you have heard about mails from Nigerian princes wanting to give you money if they just can get a little wire transfer from you. This are not hard to spot at scams, but when you get a mail from a friend or family member you trust that it is legit maby I contains an attach file, on the surface it looks legit and most of the time it is, but the art is to spot the once that are not. How do you do that

  1. look at the subject line, is it in the wrong language, let’s say you and your friend speaks Danish but the subject line is in English then the first alarm bell should ring.
  2. If the subject line is in the right language then what does it say, let’s say it is from your mother containing a subject like “I know a place with hot easy girls” then it is probably a malesius mail.
  3. When you have cleared the subject line well look at the mail does it look like something the sender will send if not close and confirme with the sender it is legitimate.
  4. If it looks legitimate then look at the wording does it sound like the person normally would wright.

That was four simple steps, for securing against malesius mails from what looks like it is send by someone you know, it doesn’t make you immune to mallesiues software and how you protect against that is at the end of the article.

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spam-mail-box-2636258_640Mails from Big companies and government agencies

Besides malicious emails looking like it’s coming from a friend we also have delicious meals looking like it’s coming from a company or government Agency these meals can be hard to spot a fake but there are few simple steps you can take to secure that you’re not Giving out any personal information and some good ways to spot this malicious Mail also known as “phishing reels”

  1. Just ask when receiving mail from a friend look at the subject line does it seem wrong can be shown by chrome language update use of language especially if you are from countries speaking another language than English you would expect government agencies and local companies to use the language of the country they’re in.
  2. When you open the mail and look at what language it is written in same rules apply if it is the wrong language or bed use of the country’s language, especially if it’s looking like it’s a Google translation they can be a little hard to spot but if they have the placement of word wrong, or the use of past tense is totally wrong.
  3. Links in mails you don’t expect never click them I will normally go through the send us sites on a separate browser and never clicked link in males unless I am expecting a meal this for example could be an activation model for an account I have just opened, I often get mails from Someone pretending to be a bank with a ling where I just have to activate it in order to secure my account they usually get my bank name wrong or they are taking a whole other thing then I am using, and besides that my bank will never sent an email they will always communicate through my internet banking in Denmark we have a centralised digital postal system for official mails which is tied to my social security number.
  4. and never believe a deal is too good to be true I have sometimes received emails from someone pretending to be Microsoft where I can get a new addition of Microsoft Office they either get the details wrong or the offer is too good to be true, As far as I know Microsoft will never over the office package for $1 and month.

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security-2910624_640.jpgSecuring yourself

There are not many programs that can secure you, so use your head wisely, Always think before you open a mail, But if you do over my mail with a malicious program inside of it though only one way to go hope that your antivirus software it’s good enough and up-to-date otherwise you run a great risk of Getting personal information on losing valuable data.

Stay safe out there make sure you always have an up-to-date antivirus software and that you are operating system always kept up to date this applies for computers as well as smartphones and tablets the smarter our devices gets the greater the risk of getting unwanted software on them

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