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Is Bitcoin too complicated for ordinary folks?

The short answer will be YES, but let me try to explain my view on what part is to complicated compared to FIAT currencies.


The technological side of cryptocurrencies are hard to get your head around, it is not that it is complicated, it is just so distant from what ordinary people think about technology, when i am out talking about cryptocurrencies, the thing most people find confusing is what happens to their coins once they send them. but i have also tried to explain how FIAT currencies functions and this have people even more confused, but we used it anyway. this leeds mea to conclude that the technical aspect is not important for people to get into the game.

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When i am out talking to people about on cryptocurrencies i often get the argument that it is not easy to use cryptocurrencies, but when i show how it can be used well manny sayes it looks easy, it is just that you can use it so many places and that’s correct, and with FIAT currencies you can use payment card or hard cash everywhere so yes there are a usability issue and on a side note if just as many as use VISA started using bitcoin the system would not be able to keep up, VISA process on average 2000 transactions per second and bitcoin only processes about 20 – 24 transactions per second, so it needs to go up for the usability to go up.

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When i am out talking on the future of economy the thing i hear the mostis a lack of knowledge or bad knowledge brought on by mainstream media, and a lot of influential people who actually don’t know what they are talking about and that is what creates confusion, it is just like FIAT currencies were people get confused by noise from those we think have knowledge about it, but in reality adds to the confusion. So to remove this confusion we need to educate people on navigating cryptocurrencies and especially how to look past FUD, and i believe it will come in 10 – 15 years.

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I have a background in cryptocurrencies I have been into the cryptocurrency game since 2011

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