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The ICO craze

In 2017 we saw a crazy increase In the amount of initial coin offerings (ICO), And some of them you could actually get quite rich off but most of them were people trying to either scam little Known people for money or simply projects that were not thought through, and therefore never became/become profitable. but how can you spot a good investment?


First step

the first step might sound boring and it can actually be quite boring but if you want to make money you sometime have to do some boring stuff, if it is too funny well it is not professionally done and what I’m talking about is the white paper of any Project, And if you don’t know what the white paper is it’s quite simply the paper outlining the project. So for me it is the best place to start, and then I will always move on to see what they’re saying about them self and this is done by looking into the website social media github and all platform where the project is represented, I’m not reading through all the materials and reading through the important once And it can be split up so if I start on the website I want them to sell the product to me I want the feeling that I want to buy the product, if you look at it retail insight you quickly know if you want to buy the product or not it should be the same with an ICO.


on social media it’s a little different from you to platform what I’m looking at, But the common thing I’m looking at across eny platform is professionalism, But I’m also looking into if they understand the platform if they are professional and the project is intriguing I did not put as much weight and then understanding it platform but just to summarise what I’m looking for on the different platforms so let’s start with Facebook. Here I look at a number of things first of all I look into if they have and mix of articles and News on the project. On Twitter I don’t mind them having links to articles but I like short news on the project such as we are “currently working on any platform” or “We have just released this new platform” when seeing it in this show format it keeps me up to date and what they’re doing and for a project with an acceptable size it is not difficult to have a social media editor. Well on Instagram I don’t expect them to be but if they are on Instagram and looking for Behind the Scenes footage.

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But I defend most important on the different platforms a consistency if they contradict themselves from work platform to another I lose faith in the product.

and listening when researching the ico’s way of communicating I look if they have a YouTube channel on YouTube I expect their videos to be professional informative and it may not look like it was made by an amateur.


Second Step

Looking for influences on different platforms To see how they view the ICO, On diffrent platforms I’ll look for those who have a positive and a negative you to get highlights and Booth for and against investing into the ICO, By having the positive sides of the ICO I see what the potential of the opportunity is, And when you know the potential Off an investment opportunity it is proven to look at the disadvantages of opportunity so if I can find someone who is negative then I can The reasons why I should not invest in a given opportunity. But what needs to be clear for both sides of an argument is that it needs to be sexual not just I like this Opportunity because they have a pretty website, It needs to state something like that’s it is worth investing in because their platform is well developed.

I hope this article has sparked your interest for investigating before interesting and remember you are responsible for your own money so do your research properly for the first time before investing in half-assed projects.

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