The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto

Dorian Nakamoto might he be Satoshi

There are several things concerns with bitcoin’s roots which don’t really make sense. This history is more than just an issue of curiosity. By this time, you need to have arrived at the conclusion that there’s a great deal of mystery surrounding Bitcoin’s inventor. There’s one credible argument about why it is necessary to understand Satoshi Nakamoto’s individuality. Consequently, Satoshi could grow into the very first trillionaire.

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On the 6th of March 2014 the journalist Leah Mcgrath Goodman pointed the finger at Dorian Nakamoto as the creator of bitcoin, one of the convincing facts about Dorian Nakamoto is his birth name Satoshi Nakamoto, to support this Goodman used some circumstantial evidence to support his claim Dorian worked as a systems engineer on classified defense projects and computer engineer for technology and financial information services companies. Nakamoto was laid off twice in the early 1990s and turned libertarian, and according to his daughter he has stated about her wish to start a business  “not under the government’s thumb.” This statement is one of the biggest evidence in Goodman’s article, and in an interview, Dorian has stated  “I am no longer involved in that, and I cannot discuss it. It’s been turned over to other people. They are in charge of it now. I no longer have any connection.” this furthermore support the theory of Dorian Nakamoto as Satoshi Nakamoto.


Dorian, later on, denied all connection to bitcoin, saying he had never heard of the currency before, and that he had misinterpreted Goodman’s question as being about his previous work for military contractors, much of which was classified. In a Reddit “ask-me-anything” interview, he claimed he had misinterpreted Goodman’s question as being related to his work for Citibank.Later that day, the pseudonymous Nakamoto’s P2P Foundation account posted its first message in five years, stating: “I am not Dorian Nakamoto.” However, it is generally believed that Nakamoto’s P2P Foundation account had been hacked, and the message was not sent by him.

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Questions about getting the incorrect guy proved phenomenally offensive, and you are unlikely to have the ability to get to him. In reality, Nakamoto states the false report caused a superb deal of confusion and stress to his whole family. Actually, Draper simply wrote, he’s a fake. Newsweek needs us to feel that Dorian made a decision to put his birth name on Bitcoin paper together with instead of the name he was using for 35 decades.


Could Dorian Nakamoto really be Satoshi Nakamoto I would say I am open to the idea with the fact that he is not consistent in his denial of knowing about Bitcoin in the first interview he stated that he believed it was a question about his work for the military? And this could actually point to the fact that bitcoin might have been created by government Though I do not believe that. And in the ask me anything on Reddit he stated that he thought it was about his work at Citibank. This could point to a possibility of where thanks actually have created Bitcoin with two Motives either and inform of revenue also get it up like it has been a big thing and then crashes sew with loose confidence in digital currencies. These two possibilities are not the only possible with Dorian it could be that he has created bitcoin as a side Project with his lack of faith in the government he might have a look for some way to create independence from government. And let’s possibility is that you did not create it if it is created I would hope that someday you will show us that it was him but writing down as the market involves and the technology becomes more and more widely used I believe that it would damage it Quran if satoshi revealed himself.

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