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Video saturday 17/3

Today we bring you some videos that might get you to think a little more about what is important at what the future might bring, so stay entertained and get educated at the same time

What is Dash?

Digital cash is not a new phenomenon,  but a perfect solution is rare to come by But the project behind the dash is aiming to give people an easy to understand and easy-to-use solution, and they’re succeeding it.

How private is monero?

To follow up our list of privacy coins, we will now look at Monero (XMR). Since it is a coin with a high-level privacy system you will by using monero be able to make entirely private transactions.

Full privacy coins

As promised in the article about bitcoin privacy I will follow up with more on privacy coins so to start off I have made a list of the privacy coins. All of these coins I have at some point used or researched. So if any kind is missing on the list, I will happily add it if you write it in the comments below.  but before I put the coin on the list, I do reserve the right to research it

How do i protect my identity online???

Your identity is crucial to keep safe, that is why I will give you some advice on how to keep it safe, whether you are just surfing online or security fanatic. there are many different steps to take, and some service providers that will help to keep your identity safe from unwanted identity.

We will look at the service providers that scans the net for your information to help prevent misuse of your identity, how you can hide on the net and the onion that might protect you.

Video saturday 3/3-2018

oday we are having the subject of  GDP on the table besides that we will be looking at how  it would look like if a conference call were real life meeting, Ending up with how you store gold and silver

Who is Naval Ravikant

A double scollar Holding several degrees  in fields such as electrical engineering and computer science,  according to His LinkedIn profile he also has a bachelor in economics,  this gives Naval Ravikant the perfect educational background for investing into blockchain related projects.


A Global trade platform

Creating new ways for logistical companies to optimise the profit, two of the biggest players in the field is creating and new way for Global trade and logistic